IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer; manufactured by EDIT Electronic, Turkey are the devices of voltage control, protection and management which are microprocessor controlled, and which have high speed semiconductor technology. They are adjusted to the right voltage value required by industrial devices that are fast growing and that are becoming more sensitive; and they are designed to meet their continuous, settled and secure energy needs.
IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer which comes under 2 sub brands of - IMP-1F, Single Phase - Static Voltage Stabilizer and IMP-3F- Three Phase - Static Voltage Stabilizer optimizes the irregular electricity which different users receive from city main grid at the same time, in accordance with only your business and the electronic devices you use.
 IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer which can be produced in a very wide input voltage interval for places where grid voltages drop or rise excessively; evaluates gird voltage decreases and increases in 0.020 seconds when the main grid voltage drops -60% or rises +%40 and corrects with 500V/sec. Speed. By this means, your expensive industrial devices are protected against dangerous voltage changes and also it enables your systems to work with high efficiency and without interruption.
IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer is developed to solve the technical problems users experience with various Type Voltage Regulators with electro-mechanic structure which with its microprocessor controlled semiconductor power control system, IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer works 10 times more faster than electro-mechanic systems.
Semiconductor TRISTOR units used in IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer work in every kind of industrial environment without being affected by damp and without requiring maintenance. High energy losses arise because of large scale transformers and various systems used in electro-mechanic systems. By using TRISTOR units in IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer, energy losses are reduced to 2%.
IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer has High Voltage, Low Voltage, Over-temperature, Overload, Short Circuit and Phase Break protections for its own operating safety and also for all electronic devices in your business to work safely. There is a “Manual By-Pass” unit which enables the loads to be transferred directly to network voltage for providing usage flexibility and working safety. It is equipped with thermomagnetic fuses in its inputs and outputs.
IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer is designed with its compact, esthetic and modular structure, in such a way that it can be easily connected with electric systems everywhere in the world. 
      Information such as Input Voltage, Output Voltage, and Load Amount etc. can be viewed; breakdown and warning information can be followed on LCD DISPLAY which is standard in IMPACT SVS. One may reach devices over on the web, view all information on LCD DISPLAY and change set values of the device with “REMOTE VIEWING AND MANAGEMENT”.


  • Production between power range of 2KVA-3000KVA, with single -phase output and three phase output.

  • New technological design that is suitable for industrial environment, not affected by dust, moisture and vibration and does not need maintenance.

  • Suitable for three phase unbalanced loads up to 100%

  • Environmentalist design which is designed with the consciousness of a sustainable world, which is long-life and which does not produce chemical waste.

  • Efficiency increased with the consciousness of contributing to the reduction of carbon outputs and silent operation.

  • Safe usage for all electrical devices.

  • Independent and fast control system with microprocessor controlled cards.

  • High voltage regulation speed (500 V / second).

  • Flexible design and software property that can easily orientate itself different grid and voltage conditions

  • On / off and manual by-pass switch for working through grid, in cases where malfunction happens or when maintenance needs.

  • Real static-modular design with TRISTOR technology used in power units and SMPS technology in feeding units.

  • Electronic protection against over load, low voltage, high voltage, over temperature, over current and short circuit.

  • Aesthetic, ergonomic design.

  • Minimal size, long life.

  • Special, durable cabinet, powder coated with standard color named RAL-7035.

  • User friendly, easy and comprehensive LCD display and mimic diagram.

  • Compact structure with high quality material and minimum malfunction hazard.

  • RS-232, ETERNET and MODBUS support with management and viewing module.

  • Surge Arrester against sudden voltage increases and streaks of lightning.

  • “Remote Management System” and software support which the user can remotely view and manage all of these information.

  • Production with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

  • Spare part providing guarantee for 10 years.

  • Broad service network.


 V-FINE Voltage Control and Energy Saving Units; also coming under 2 major sub brands of V-FINE-1F, Single - Phase Energy Saver and V-FINE-3F, Three Phase - Energy Saver are designed with the aim of decreasing annual electricity consumption of companies, considering the increasing cost of energy and the environmental damage of electricity production. They are highly efficient energy saving and voltage optimization devices.
V-FINE Voltage Control and Energy Saving Units; take the unregulated electricity (coming from city mains) from which thousands of different user who have completely different properties, like factories, hospitals, public buildings, houses, farms, constructions etc, benefit at the same time and optimize it in the way proper specifically for your company and the electronic devices that yu use.
By this means, it enables you to use your systems at the highest productivity. Besides it helps your electric bill to stay at the lowest level. With the aim of creating solution specific for you and your company, our technical staff, who conduct two stage measurement and analysis process for both before production and post-set-up periods punctiliously, intend to decrease the cost of energy of your company at the rate of 10%-25%.
V-FINE Voltage Control and Energy Saving Units that Works with the newest voltage optimization technology are completely produced with semiconductor technology. They don’t possess any component that needs periodic maintenance or that depreciates in time and needs to be changed. After they are set up in your company and are arranged for the best working conditions; unless electricity system of your company does change, they do not need to be controlled or taken to maintenance.
Voltage Control and Energy Saving Units not only decrease the electric bills, but also they make all of our electronic devices to work more productive and to be much more durable. Besides, they prevent possible voltage rises and electrical noises to damage your devices.
Voltage Control and Energy Saving Unit has the protection of High voltage, Low voltage, Over-temperature, Over - loaded and of phase cut. By this way it provides both its own functional safety and also functional safety of all the electrical devices in your company. It is outfitted with “Manual By-Pass” and “Automatic By-Pass” units that enable the loads to be transferred directly to mains voltage for the usage flexibility and functional safety.
It does not have any mechanical component. Due to the electronic cards it involves, it can function with very high productivity. Depending on this high productivity, your energy loss becomes less and your devices are protected for a long time. Also, the electric bills which steal from your pocket, does diminish


Production between the range of 2KVA – 3000 KVA with single phase output and three phase output. New technological design that is suitable for industrial environment, is not affected by dust, moisture and vibration and does not need maintenance Long lasting environmentalist design which is designed with the consciousness of a sustainable world and does not generate chemical waste Increased productivity with the consciousness of contributing to decrease carbon emission Safe usage for all of the electrical devices.

Fast control system through microprocessor controlled cards independent for each phase High voltage optimization speed (500 V/second) Flexible design and software properties that easily attuned to different mains and voltage conditions “Automatic By-Pass Unit” that transfer the loads directly to the mains in cases of emergency Manuel By Pass unit Real static modular structure with THYRISTOR technology used in power units and SMPS technology used in power supply units.

Protection for electronic, over-load, over-voltage, over temperature and short circuit Aesthetic and ergonomic design Minimal size and light design, quite operating User friendly, easy and comprehensive LCD display and mimic diagram (Single phase devices 2x16, Three phase devices 4x16) Compact structure with qualified material and minimum malfunction hazard Special, durable cabinet, powder coated with standard color named RAL-7035 Through a software support and “Remote Management System", the ability of monitoring and controlling (Optional)
Surge arrestor against to spike and lightning (Optional)
Production with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
Spare part providing guarantee for 10 years
After Sales Service support.


 The EDIT Electronic Power Craft Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are absolute solution for protecting computer systems, server, network terminals, printers, scanners, office devices such as fax and telephone exchange, photo-printing machines, printer safe, barcode reader and other electronic devices against defects arising from power failures. Power Craft Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies(UPS) which comes under PCU-11F,Single Phase Input-Single Phase Output UPSPCU-31F,Three Phase Input-Single Phase Output UPS and PCU-33F, Three Phase Input- Three Phase UPS respectively are produced by using PWM, IGBT and double conversion technologies. The Power Craft Series are advanced true On-line Sine wave devices with static transfer switch which provide reliable, regulated, conditioned AC power to sensitive equipment.

 The UPS has its own internal voltage and frequency regulator circuits which ensure that its output is maintained within close tolerances independent of voltage and frequency variations on the mains power lines. As it supplies regulated, fixed and continuous voltage & frequency, can be used with all electronic devices safely. 
 Power Craft Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies(UPS), prevents your devices from bad effects of line noises. The rectifier unit at input of the device and galvanic isolation transformer at the output of the device protects loads from the line noises and failures.

Power Craft Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies(UPS) supply the load continuously via rectifier / charger and invertor combination which carries out a double conversion. The voltage differences of the line never affects the output voltage. If line exists, the output frequency is synchronized to line.


By rectifying input AC voltage to DC voltage and then converting it back to AC, any electrical noise that may present on the input mains supply line is effectively isolated from the UPS output, therefore your critical loads receive only clean power.



Flat Series DC Power Supplies are produced with microprocessor based cards and have modular structure with its electronic card design. Control and adjustment is realized with thyristor, diode bridges and transistor technologies.
Marketed under 2 sub brands- FLAT-1F, Single Phase Input - Rectifier and FLAT-3F, Three Phase Input - Rectifier; System has its own protection against over-current , over voltage, over temperature, short circuit and peak current.
In Flat serial Battery Chargers & Rectifiers an inductor exists at the output. Input and output terminals are in cabinet and protected by suitable fuses.

Designed and produced to be used in communication and alarm circuit of ships and yachts, safety systems in business place and residences, petrochemical industry and power electronics applications, training and test laboratories of schools, test laboratories of factories or feeding systems of electronic devices supplied with DC voltage Flat Serial Battery Charge Units manufactured for DC feeding systems and charge of lead acid, nickel cadmium and dry batteries.

 In high discharge currents it provides opportunity to turn on and turn off in short periods. It provides appropriate solutions in emergency illuminating, alarm communication circuits, galvanization and in emergency aluminums eloksal facilities, petro chemistry industry and power electronic practices.


ETR Series Transformers ( ETR-1F, Single Phase - Transformer and  ETR-3F, Three Phase Transformer are between 1 KVA - 500 KVA power range, as 1 or 3 phases being realized specially in accordance with the requests of customers as star, scott, delta and zigzag connections mono-phase or tri-phase.
ETR transformers varnished under vacuum, in conformance with international standards. Special design transformers for industrial applications which obtain to change phase number.
Medical devices, CNC machines, UPS, ships and boats, shipyards, metal processing plants, rectifier and battery chargers, industrial machines power supply units, ETR transformers can be used reliably in above areas. Transformers can be used for isolation, voltage converting, charging connection group, charging phase number and filtering.


The microprocessor-based model UR24 digital refractometer is a self-contained multifunction analyzer which mounts directly on the process line. It continuously measures the concentration, displays the temperature-compensated concentration value, and transmits this value to both analogue and digital remote receivers.
The UR24 incorporates modern technologies such as:
- Abrasion resistant sapphire prism
- Long life LED light source
- High resolution CCD digital optical sensor

The instrument’s membrane faceplate contains a backlighted
liquid crystal display and input keypad.
It is possible to personalize the instrument in the field, either from the keypad or remotely through the RS485 serial port.
Furthermore versions with interfaces for ANYBUS COMMUNICATOR (PROFIBUS DP or others on request)
modules are available. A set of specially designed adapters, customized for each application, allow easy installation of the unit on a process line or on the side wall of a tank:
- Food & Beverage (Tri-Clamp®, 3-A, DIN 11851, Varivent®,
weld ends)
- Industrial (weld ends, threaded ends, flange ends).


7. Infrared Carbometric Unit

The UC07 can be supplied with our MP01 or MP02 Receivers.




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