A Online UPS always provide clean power and have a protection against all standard power problems in a network.  A Online UPS is build up with double- conversation technology. First, incoming AC power is converted into DC power and stored in a buffer. In the second step the buffered DC power is converted to AC power and made available for the loads. Doing so the UPS loads are isolated from incoming AC power (and all its problems) and fed by power generated by the UPS. The result is an always clean and stable output power.
Another advantage of this technology is the fact that there is no transfer time in case of a failure. Furthermore a Online UPS provides the most reliable voltage regulation which is typically within 2-3 percent of the standard voltage wave form. Online UPS offers USB port (RS-232) to connect to a multitude of operating systems for maintenance, monitoring voltage, power and battery status. 650VA – 3000KVA capacity. And from Single phase to Three phase.



IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer; are the devices of voltage control, protection and management which are microprocessor controlled, and which have high speed semiconductor technology. They are adjusted to the right voltage value required by industrial devices that are fastly growing and that are becoming more sensitive; and they are designed to meet their continuous, settled and secure energy needs.

Nowadays, thousands of users who have totally different characteristics such as plants, hospitals, public buildings, houses, farms, constructions etc. use the same main grid. IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer optimizes the irregular electricity which different users receive from city main grid at the same time, in accordance with only your business and the electronic devices you use.

Production between power range of 2KVA-3000KVA, with single phase output and three phase output.  New technological design that is suitable for industrial environment, does not affected by dust, moisture and vibration and does not need maintenance.


The Inverter/Charger system converts DC power to AC power with amazing transfer efficiency. Appliances such TVs, stereos, notebook computers can be connected for the uninterruptible power.
 When encountering utility power failure, this series will transfer from “LINE mode” to “Inverter mode” for acquiring the power from battery supply. With the continuous output and compact design, this series is perfect for any home or SMB (small medium business) environment.

ETR Series Transformers are between 1 KVA - 500 KVA power range, as 1 or 3 phases being realized specially in accordance with the requests of customers as star, scott, delta and zigzag connections mono-phase or tri-phase. ETR transformers varnished under vacuum, in conformance with international standards. Special design transformers for industrial applications which obtain to change phase number.
Medical devices, CNC machines, UPS, ships and boats, shipyards, metal processing plants, rectifier and battery chargers, industrial machines power supply units, ETR transformers can be used reliably in above areas. Transformers can be used for isolation, voltage converting, charging connection group, charging phase number and filtering.

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